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FOOTY BLOG: Business Side of Soccer

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Welcome to the FOOTY BLOG! Take a look at the beautiful game from another perspective.

Grab your iced coffee and enjoy some readings on behind the scenes of an international soccer company, as well as some articles on US soccer, amateur leagues, coaching, and Chicago.

We live in Chicago and we founded CHIFOOTY which is meant to be Chicago's hub for the soccer community. CHIFOOTY gained traction with the commentary videos and now we want to take you in our journey of monetizing our content.

We'll be making content on running a soccer league, Sunday league money, coaches, and much more.

Pepin's Soccer

I work for Pepin's Soccer, an international soccer company from Mexico that has made custom soccer apparel for the last 50 years. I'll be sharing my experiences of working for a soccer company and my plan to take over the US soccer market. Along with this, I'll share what I learn from other people in the soccer industry, including people from South America and Europe.

You Make The Content

We want to make sure we produce content you enjoy, so we encourage you to comment what type of videos or blogs you want us to make. If you have an article that you would like to share on our website, email us at

Follow our journey on TikTok, Youtube, and every social media out there. Thank you for coming.

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