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Updated: Feb 12, 2022

CHIFOOTY was started by broke university students and now we're trying to turn it into something more than just TIkToks and Youtube videos.

Before we start, if you came here from TikTok: On behalf of Cris, Martin, and myself(Rodrigo), we appreciate you so much for supporting our dumb videos. We're barely getting started but thanks to you, we've had some great opportunities in just one year. We'll invite yous to the wedding of whoever ends up getting married first.



This is the story of how CHIFOOTY started, where we are now, and where we hope it goes.

I thought of making a website for Chicago soccer where people could find retas and set up training sessions on a lonely Monday night in October of 2020. I also had the idea of making funny commentary videos for the entertainment part of the page. I wrote a lot of names on my notes and ended up choosing CHIFOOTY. The logo came out fairly quickly after sharing ideas with my friend Bryan.


After I had the name and logo, I told Cris aka Caballo and Martin if they wanted to do commentary videos. We were somewhat drunk the first time I mentioned it to Martin, and Caballo had agreed a few hours before I told Martin in person. On the last days of October 2020, we agreed we would act on the idea.

Why did I choose these two hooligans? It was the easiest part of the process. We already made fun of everybody playing at UIC, and I thought they had good and likeable voices. I also knew they'd compliment each other well on the mic, and I thought it'd be fun for me to be the third voice who lets them control the games. I bought a gimbal and mic, and we met at the apartment. We had drinks and food and watched the first game on my laptop played at Pershing. During that game, Caballo whispered into the mic, "Noches Magicas" and at another point in the game Martin came up with le, "Futbol Champagne". We ended up mixing the two and our slogan since then has been,"Noches Magicas de Futbol Champagne".

Our first game went alright but we did a second game right after. We felt more comfortable and in this Chitown Futbol game, the legend Concha made it easy for us to come up with content. We posted on tiktok the short bits and learned TikTok as we posted. I was gifted a gopro by my brother for my birthday and I put it on referees which made for good content. 15 months later, 21 commentary videos, and 3 gopro videos later, we're here. We're at 11.5K followers on TikTok which we are very grateful for every single person since it brought us some great opportunities.


We started CHIFOOTY to hopefully make people laugh but now I think we could use it for much more. We want to continue organizing group outings in Chicago for people to come and enjoy the beautiful game. We also want to use CHIFOOTY to get more people into riding bikes and the reasons for that is in another article. I also believe we could use this platform for volunteer work and community events in the future.

We're still just broke college students at UIC who make videos so don't expect too much from us. At least for this year. Actually, you might see big things coming this year if all goes well. Thank you for coming.

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